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Catholic Women’s League

     The CWL is a sisterhood of like-minded women,
from across this country, who come together in friendship
and faith to serve our neighbour with love and
compassion. Through fun social events and doing good
works in areas of common interest, members recognize
that "together is better" when they serve their parish and
their larger community.

    Service, Social Justice and Faith are the three
pillars of the organization. Jesus calls all of us to action
by being servant leaders. Leadership can take many
forms - such as participating in a quiet, contemplative
prayer group; inviting someone for a cup of tea, who is
experiencing hardship; fundraising to support youth
programs; or tackling larger social justice issues such as
global warming, the protection of human life and child
slavery, by lobbying governments, nationally and

    The CWL represents the voice of thousands of
Catholic women across Canada. A voice that represents
our diversity - by age, marital status, culture, profession
and talent. This diversity is what unites us to advocate
for positive Catholic change in our world, and makes us
stronger servants of Christ.

2023 St. Pius X Parish
Council Executive

CWL Photo Gallery


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