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When it was learned that the old Immaculate Conception Church on Sutherland Avenue would then not accommodate the newly arriving Catholics of this fast growing city of Kelowna. His Excellency Bishop Wilfrid Emmett Doyle, together with Fr. Anderson, Fr. Martin, Jack Bedford, Fred Vetter and Ernie Cowan met to discuss boundaries, sites, and finances in regards to the new parish. The architect chosen to take on the task of building the church was Michael E. Utley, with the firm of Davis and Taylor as the builders.


The Church was to seat 350 people with the land was purchased for the site of the new Church on the corner of Glenmore Road (now Gordon Avenue) and Fuller from the Bocklage property. Shortly after  the newly established (erected) Parish of St. Pius X was under way. 


During  this period the Holy Roman Catholic Church was governed by His Holiness Pope John XXIII. Canada at the time was reigned over by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Canada  with  her representative in Canada being Governor General George Vanier. Vanier was the first Roman Catholic in history of the Dominion to become Governor General. 


The Conservatives were the governing party under John Diefenbaker's leadership. The Province of British Columbia was governed by the Social Credit Party leader W.A.C. Bennett, a resident of Kelowna. The Mayor of Kelowna was R.F. Parkinson.


-On July 5, 1959, Bishop Doyle was present for a groundbreaking ceremony on the property.


-On July 15, 1959, our parish was formally established with Fr. Ernest F. Martin appointed as our first pastor.


-On October 23, 1959, in the first year of his reign, His Excellency Wilfred Emmet Doyle, the third Bishop of the Diocese of Nelson laid the corner stone of this edifice, erected to the Honour and Glory of God, and placed under the special patronage of St. Pius X of sacred memory.


-On December 17, 1959, the church was solemnly blessed and the first Mass was celebrated by His Excellency Bishop Doyle.


-On March 4, 1960, the Canonical erection of the Stations of the Cross was held by Bishop Doyle.

Facts and Statistics

  • 1st Marriage: Genevieve Knorr and Edward Bachman, December 29, 1959 

  • 1st Baptism: Steven Louis Guide, January 10, 1960 

  • 1st Burial: Joseph Kaleta, January 5, 1960 

  • 1st Mission: Fr. Ehman and Fr. Swift 

  • 1st Eucharistic Congress: CWL started with mass at St. Pius X 

  • 1st Golden Wedding Anniversary: Mr. and Mrs. August Pfliger, July 9, 1960 

  • 1st Ordination: Fr. Anthony George Pfliger, June 11, 1961







Fr. Gerald: July 2017 - Present 

Rev. Francis de la Cruz: September 2010 - July 2017

Rev. Bart Van Roijen: July 2007 - September 2010

Father Andrew Walner: July 9, 2006 - July 8, 2007 

Fr. John Kellogg: December, 2004 - July, 2006 

Fr. Frank Gan: July, 2003 - December, 2004 

Fr. Rick Paulin: 1997 - July, 2003 

Fr. Fred Sogz: Interim Pastor, 2000 

Fr. Jim Lynch: 1988 - 1997 (In Loving Memory) 

Fr. Martin Volk: Retired but always on call.

Fr. Joe Smith: April 1984 - 1988 

Fr. Harry Clarke: September 1980 - June 1981

Fr. Jim Ratcliffe: August 1980 - 1988 

Fr. Ken Farrel: July 1979 to August 1980

Fr. John Doherty: Assistant from September 1977 to August 1980

Fr. Francis (Bud) Godderis:

Fr. Charles Mulvihill: October 15, 1969 - July 1979 

Fr. Gese Henye and Fr. Gregory Schneider: June-August 1969

Fr. E. F. Martin: October 1959 - September 1969 (In Loving Memory)

Our Pastors

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