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Liturgical Ministries 

As members of the Body of Christ, the health of that body depends on the individual contribution of each member.

Lay people have a very important role to play in the mission of salvation. By Baptism, Confirmation and the Eucharist, we are commissioned by Christ himself to this mission.


Musicians and Singers

The musical styles of our various choirs present a unique and spiritual element that enables our congregation to lift up their voices in praise. Although the various groups have different styles, different rehearsal times, different commitment levels and different Mass schedules, they all strive toward a common goal: to lead the congregation in sung prayer and to glorify God through the music they each produce.



Lectors proclaim the Word of the Lord during the Liturgy. A lector should have a passion for Scripture and sufficient public speaking skills to proclaim the Word to the assembly. Lectors for weekend and Holy Day Masses consist mainly of adults or adolescents. Children’s Masses, such as First Communion and Confirmation, have children serve as Lectors.


Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion 

An Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist, often called a Eucharistic Minister, is a member of the laity who has been authorized to distribute the Eucharist to members of the congregation during Mass. Those who choose not to receive the Eucharist are welcomed with a blessing. Our ministers take the Eucharist to sick people in the hospital, to the elderly, or disabled in their homes or in convalescent homes.


Altar Servers

St. Pius X Catholic Church offers young Catholics an opportunity to grow in their faith and become more active in the Mass by serving as Altar Servers. Altar Servers are young people who assist the priest and deacon during Mass.

Altar Servers offer service to God and the community by assisting the priest during Mass. The ministry is open to all youth of the parish who have made their First Communion and whose parents believe they are ready and responsible enough to be trained. 


Ushers / Greeters

Usher / Greeters assist at each Sunday Mass, Holy Day Masses, and other special occasions as needed. The adult men and women who make up the Usher / Greeters are the first ministers one meets when they arrive at the church for any celebration. Their warm, friendly smile and welcoming handshake set the tone for the worship experience. The usher / greeter staff is made up of adult men and women who are capable of directing crowd flow and movement, take up the collection, and assist those with special needs.

The questions we must ask are: What are the gifts God has given me that I have never even thought to thank him for? What are the areas in this community which could use my help? Am I only employing my talents where there is a financial return?

Our gifts of time, talent and treasure can be put to full use in a number of ministries in our parish. If you would like to find out more about any of these ministries or parish groups, please contact the Parish Office at 250-762-2587.

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